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An All New Fantasy Graphic Novel


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Welcome to the world of the Blood Sagas, a 4-book series sure to capture your imagination! Experience a brand new mystical graphic novel from first time author, Avery Brown, as he walk you through an epic story of loyalty, family, land, blood and war! 

"...absolutely riveting, and definitely a must-read like none other!"


ReAdER's REvieWs

This book is absolutely riveting, and definitely a must-read like none other! From the very start, the author draws you into his tale with vivid descriptions of the myriad characters that really make them come to life. Your imagination can easily paint pictures of the events as they transpire, ranging from the shocking to the poignant, but none that disappoint, with many surprises and much mystique. The story line moves quickly from one scenario to the next with each turn of the page. I was left wanting more and more, and can’t wait to see what evolves in the promised second book of this series. I can highly, highly recommend The Blood Sagas: Blood and Loyalty.

- Barbara Armstrong


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aVeRy BRowN

is a native of Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia.  As a first time author, Brown was inspired to write this story due to the passing of a dear friend at the hands of police. The Blood Sagas came about in hopes of keeping the memory of his friend alive for generations to come. Brown is truly a savant in the art of storytelling. He understands the beauty and passion necessary to create a space in which characters can explore complex issues in a fantasy world. He is now currently working on his second book in 4-part the Blood Sagas series. Passionate about his craft, Brown is also hard at work on his next project, Manimal, a fantasy thriller, that illuminates the magic of the Indian Nations. 

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