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Behind the Pages: An Inside Look at Avery Brown's Writing Process

Updated: Jun 7

The writing process of my fantasy western novel about a despotic tyrant that threatens the free world around him is a complex but exciting journey. The first step was to develop a clear idea of the world in which the story takes place. This involved creating a detailed history, geography, and culture of the setting. In this case, the world is a fantastical version of the American West, where magic exists.

The next step is to develop the characters. The protagonist is someone who is relatable and has a clear motivation for opposing the tyrant. The antagonist, on the other hand, should be a complex character with a backstory that justifies their actions. Supporting characters should also be fleshed out, with unique personalities and motivations. Once the world and characters are in place, it was time to begin writing the story. The plot is engaging and follows a clear arc, with rising tension and conflict leading up to the climax. In this case, the divided states must rally to unite against the tyrant and his forces.

Throughout this writing process, it was important to pay attention to the themes of the story. In this case, the theme is solidarity in the face of tyranny. The story explores this theme in various ways, such as through the actions and motivations of the characters, the setting, and the plot.

Finally, the editing process is crucial. This involved revising the story for clarity, consistency, and pacing. It is important to ensure that the characters are fully developed and that the themes are effectively conveyed. With careful attention to all of these elements, my fantasy western novel about a despotic tyrant is a powerful and engaging story.

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