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A Glimpse into The Blood Sagas:

Updated: Jun 7

The Blood Sagas is a story of great people and great ideas. A time of ambitions, egos, wants, desires, and all that comes with that, including magic and madness. It's a story of men and women with different beliefs and opposing faiths, forging a nation, a concept, a rule-either by given vision or perceived destiny. Whether motivated by revenge, greed, fear, love, lust, or hate, connected by humanity as we are, cooperation as a people of one voice eludes us because we are entangled in our arrogance and hubris. Thus, words of peace and equality for all are enforced by the gun and acts of attrition, violence, and anarchy in the pursuit of happiness and even an aristocracy that sees itself above it all. This is where this story begins, and where it ends can only be told by the women and men who live it. Enter the great plains, where good and evil become grey depending on the day, where power shifts like the wind, and we humans are willing to kill to keep it, even the aristocrats. This is a story of deals made behind closed doors by people who would rule the world and handshakes given in deserts by comrades that could change it. This is a story of blood spilled and loyalties upheld.

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